Countdown to Marin Tri - Winding down

Another good training week and some added recreation on the weekend walking around enjoying the city. Thursdays is probably the hardest cardio workout, with a challenging group fitness spin class and then progressive 10k run bricked after it. Other than that, just tried to do my best. My bike is at the shop for a full tune-up. I  hope to get it back soon.


It was nice to unwind a little this weekend and distract myself from the focus on training and diet and give myself a break. I went to Wharf Fest for lunch where they were having a chowder tasting of a dozen restaurants down at Fisherman's Wharf. This was a great opportunity to try all the chowders and vote for my favorite! Brick and Beam won the judges choice, and McCormick & Kuleto's won the people's choice. I agree those were good, but my favorite was Cioppino's and Blue Mermaid. I was craving sourdough for my carbs so went and grabbed a baguette to go with the chowder.

I enjoyed the SF Open Studios Art Exhibits and brought home a few affordable pieces. A seascape by Veerakeat and a print of my favorite swim spot by Lucia Gonnella. I love art and have to have it in my life in some shape or form to get my imagination and inspiration flowing. I don't know how artists survive nowadays with the lack of resources and space. It never seemed like a viable career option, and that worries me. If we don't do something the arts will disappear, then the city will be quite boring and soulless. We need more art to balance out all the tech, don't you think?

Favorite Swim Spot

Giclee print of painting by Lucia Gonnella

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