Countdown to Marin Tri - Staying on Track

Had a great week of training and even managed to donate red blood and platelets on Friday! Seeing some progress on the body comp! The combination of HFLC / Carb cycling diet and strength training is my ticket. This week I tried a little protein before the workout and banana protein shake after the workout with great results. Saved the carbiest foods for after workout and at night, no sugar, no refined grains, carbs are from veggies and little fruit portions. The night carbs is fuel for my next morning work-out, because I don't do carbs pre-workout, instead I do fats. The banana in the protein shake helps to get the good stuff into the muscles. At this point in training, I'm starting to add more small servings of fruit and squash for carbs to correspond with increased training volume and intensity.

The workouts:

HIIT / PLYO & RUNRUN 10kHIIT / PLYOSPIN / RUN BrickBlood DonationRestSWIM / Rest

The shake:
Hemp seeds blended with water = hemp milk
1 scoop Whey Factors
1/2 banana
1 cup of spinach

Pre-workout I add half a scoop of whey protein into my bonk-proof coffee. Just dissolve it in a little cold water first or it will clump.

The results:

Tanita BC-1000 Plus / Garmin Forerunner 310XT

I'm not sure how the blood donation affected the graph. I try to drink almost a gallon of water per day. The consumption of carbs significantly affects the graph, as well as long cardio sessions. I know partly what I'm seeing is glycogen and water weight getting pumped into my muscles. Tanita has some info on their website about this. Some people do not like looking at the scale every day, but it can be a powerful tool to see what is working and what is not. It helps if you weight yourself at the same time everyday. I weigh-in in the morning. I'm happy about how all this has helped me manage my weight for race day while still preserving strength and energy. I'll be racing a little leaner this year.

Happy Training!

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