Hoes Down Harvest Festival at Full Belly Farm

Went to the Hoes Down at Full Belly Farm for the third year in a row! I also went in 2008 with my company, Sustainable Technologies, when we had a methane digester demo. It's fun to go every year and visit the farm and see the changes. This year I noticed they had more solar panels and my company helped them with energy efficiency upgrades to their farm so we had a demonstration of solar pumps and energy efficiency. The other thing different this year is that I biked there! I took the Capitol Corridor Amtrak train to Davis and got my weekend cycling in. It's a 3 and a half hour ride to the farm through mostly quiet county roads. The other half of the route is on the 16 which is very busy with very little shoulder to ride on. By improving cycling conditions on this route in Yolo County would definitely encourage more cycling tourism through this area.

Going to Full Belly Farm is like a weekend retreat, with lots of activities and workshops or you can just kick back and chill and enjoy the music and food. If you haven't tried their almond butter, I highly recommend you do! It is pure and natural with no additives and NOT thinned out with Palm Fruit Oil. During the event they offer camping areas for you to stay the night. It really is worth the trip. This year it also rained briefly and was a bit windy. It did not stop the party though! The rain was welcome and no one seemed to mind.

Hoes Down 2015
Hoes Down 2014
Hoes Down 2013

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