Gingerbread Oatcakes

Gingerbread Oatcakes

Getting into the season by baking! These are so easy to make. Just whip up the ingredients, roll up into a log and slice into discs. I modified the Okarabars recipe and added lots of freshly grated ginger, 1tsp ground cloves, some apple and blackstrap molasses as the sweetener.

I have transitioned from HFLC to another carb-restricted diet which is the Zone. Doing 18 blocks for weight maintenance for training. If not training it would be less, but I am surprised at how it controls hunger when macros are perfectly balanced. It took about two weeks to adjust but am getting the hang of it. It allows a little more flexibility and is a great way to also save a little money as I can enjoy my tofu which is way cheaper than meat. Adding more cardio back into my schedule.


Miracle Mile

The 5k Runners
Last weekend I mustered enough motivation to do the UCSF Diabetes Center Miracle Mile & 5k Holiday Classic in Golden Gate Park. One mile events are rare, and I never actually did one, so I thought it would be fun to see what my time was. The rain had subsided enough for us to run on dry pavement on a nice downhill course. It was a small race with nice volunteers, and they had race officials calling out your splits every quarter mile. Of course my Garmin froze on me so this was helpful. I think I went out too fast but then found my pace. The shorter races are a little more taxing but it was over quickly and I finished in 6:27. I can use this as a baseline for my speedwork. Though it wasn't a PR, I had not been doing any speedwork, so that is a good number. I ran a 6:10 in my 5k last March, and my goal is 6:00 minute miles. I stayed at the finish line and cheered the kids that were finishing their race, probably for the first time with their families. So cute! The winner of the women's race was a cute 12 year old. The overall winner was a guy who ran 5:08, then he went on to get second in the 5k. They both had the same last name so they must be from the same fast family! To do the 5k, the runners ran back to the start line. I did not do the 5k because I ran to the event and had to run back. Right now my mileage is low and have been focusing on short intense efforts and strength training. The holidays and end of the year can be stressful but then I think about what others that have life-threatening illnesses have to deal with. It's time to count our blessings & be of service, take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.


SF Supermarket Street Sweep

Yesterday I participated in the SF Supermarket Street Sweep, a ride for the SFM Food Bank. The heavy rain was pretty much done by the time we started riding and only rained a little at the end. I had done the cargo in 2010, so this time I tried the speed race. My goal was to do at least the bare minimum and get all the items and get back quickly. You get extra points for going to stores farther away, so I battled the headwind to the Safeway on La Playa and got 6 bags of beans, then cruised by Lucky on Fulton and Masonic and got canned food and rice, then wiggled on to Market St and Dolores Whole Foods and got pasta. Went inside Safeway across the street by accident and doubled up on pasta before I realized I was supposed to go to Whole Foods. I was going for 60 points, but because I lost the receipt to Safeway at La Playa, it didn't count, so ended up with 30pts LOL. I only spent around 20 bucks and got some weekend miles in. I was really impressed by the cargo hauls. There are some crazy hills by the food bank. I'm happy to be a monthly supporter to help end hunger.


December Already!

The year has been going by so fast! I looked at my mileage logs and did not feel the need to "cram" this month with last minute mileage. Going to stick to my weight training and minimal mileage until 5k training starts. That is harder than it seems, because it's so easy to head out for an hour of 10 minute miles instead of breaking in new muscle. I'm halfway through my PT sessions at Fitness SF. The temps in the bay keep dropping a little each time we go in. Now it is around 54°F. Very therapeutic. Even though I was only in for 20 minutes, I couldn't feel my feet for several hours!

The weekend ride was a fun and mellow trip along the Bay Trail to Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline. This place used to be a landfill and is now a beautiful park with scenic trails and wildlife. Got to check out the Shoreline Drive Cycle Track in Alameda, and a post-ride coffee at Bicycle Coffee.


June in Pictures

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