December Already!

The year has been going by so fast! I looked at my mileage logs and did not feel the need to "cram" this month with last minute mileage. Going to stick to my weight training and minimal mileage until 5k training starts. That is harder than it seems, because it's so easy to head out for an hour of 10 minute miles instead of breaking in new muscle. I'm halfway through my PT sessions at Fitness SF. The temps in the bay keep dropping a little each time we go in. Now it is around 54°F. Very therapeutic. Even though I was only in for 20 minutes, I couldn't feel my feet for several hours!

The weekend ride was a fun and mellow trip along the Bay Trail to Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline. This place used to be a landfill and is now a beautiful park with scenic trails and wildlife. Got to check out the Shoreline Drive Cycle Track in Alameda, and a post-ride coffee at Bicycle Coffee.


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