Gingerbread Oatcakes

Gingerbread Oatcakes

Getting into the season by baking! These are so easy to make. Just whip up the ingredients, roll up into a log and slice into discs. I modified the Okarabars recipe and added lots of freshly grated ginger, 1tsp ground cloves, some apple and blackstrap molasses as the sweetener.

I have transitioned from HFLC to another carb-restricted diet which is the Zone. Doing 18 blocks for weight maintenance for training. If not training it would be less, but I am surprised at how it controls hunger when macros are perfectly balanced. It took about two weeks to adjust but am getting the hang of it. It allows a little more flexibility and is a great way to also save a little money as I can enjoy my tofu which is way cheaper than meat. Adding more cardio back into my schedule.

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