SF Supermarket Street Sweep

Yesterday I participated in the SF Supermarket Street Sweep, a ride for the SFM Food Bank. The heavy rain was pretty much done by the time we started riding and only rained a little at the end. I had done the cargo in 2010, so this time I tried the speed race. My goal was to do at least the bare minimum and get all the items and get back quickly. You get extra points for going to stores farther away, so I battled the headwind to the Safeway on La Playa and got 6 bags of beans, then cruised by Lucky on Fulton and Masonic and got canned food and rice, then wiggled on to Market St and Dolores Whole Foods and got pasta. Went inside Safeway across the street by accident and doubled up on pasta before I realized I was supposed to go to Whole Foods. I was going for 60 points, but because I lost the receipt to Safeway at La Playa, it didn't count, so ended up with 30pts LOL. I only spent around 20 bucks and got some weekend miles in. I was really impressed by the cargo hauls. There are some crazy hills by the food bank. I'm happy to be a monthly supporter to help end hunger.

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