End of Year Recap

Distance / Miles:

Run: 789 mi
Swim: 56 mi
Bike: 1,135 + Bike Commute: 2,600 = 3,735mi
Total: 4,580 mi (a few more miles than last year!) 
Add to that 75 hours of Fitness (HIIT), 13  hours of Spinning and 21 Hours of Weight Training. The strength training was just over the last two months. The periodized training for different events really worked well for me.
Races & Events completed:

  • Postal Swim: 1 hour TT: 2950m
  • SFR Point Reyes Populaire: 75mi 7:15:00
  • SFR Pierce Point 200k: 12:14:00
  • Kaiser 5k: 21:45 (2nd AG)
  • Oakland Running Fest Run the Town Challenge 2015: 21:08 5k (PR!), half marathon: 2:13:38 Total 2:34:46
  • Cinderella Challenge: 86 miles, 7:27 moving time, 8:28 elapsed time
  • Grizzly Peak Century: 7:56 moving, 9:33 elapsed time + 1 hr to get to start
  • Alcatraz Crossing
  • Bay to Breakers: 1:11:10
  • Golden Gate Trail Run 50k: 8:04:00, 6320' elev
  • SF Marathon 5k: 21:39 (2nd AG)
  • Tour de Tahoe: 72.8 mi 5:50
  • Scored a point in running for the Dolphin/SERC Tri
  • Marin Triathlon Olympic PR! 2:52:45
  • Miracle Mile: 00:06:27 (2nd female)
  • Biked Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo!

Swimming: I  didn't swim enough this year but was consistent at least. I have to admit that with all the other things I do, I like to keep swimming recreational. We had a lot of fun swims and events with Water World Swim and saw many swimmers reach their goals and milestones. With my strength training I hope to improve my speed.

Cycling: Got to do some rides I have never done before! Look forward to trying some new rides and routes in 2016.

Running: This has been a good year for running, with a few AG placements. I had a great experience training for and running the trail 50k which I hadn't done in a while. I am really getting into the sprint training and hope to finally break a PR on that 5k.

Triathlon: Felt really good about my one Olympic tri I did this year. I signed up for another one next summer. Instead of going long, I'm working on getting better finish times.

Strength Training: This has been a game-changer for me. I was so impressed with how I felt and performed after adding in the strength training that I signed on with a personal trainer (Gaby at Fitness SF) for my winter strength training.

Eight years into this blog, I can see how focusing on health and fitness has helped improve my quality of life. I'm able to do more and get outside, and it keeps getting better! I'm aiming for quality over quantity. There are a lot of races out there. All help the sport, but if it helps my local community and economy I'm more likely to choose those.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2016!


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