Letting Go to Get More

This month was my birthday month and I am letting go of unnecessary baggage and things that weigh down my mental space. Letting go of attachments to material things and taking another look at where I spend my time, money and energy. I appreciate the path I have taken and things I've learned along the way. Some objects I hold on to for a temporary time then outgrow them and no longer "need" them. For example, I had a bunch of old marathon, half-marathon and tri finisher medals just sitting in a box. Each one represents a long block of my time, money and energy spent focusing and training for a challenging event and I felt really good about earning them. It kept me in good fitness and health. I no longer need them but I wanted share that inspiration so I donated them to Medals 4 Mettle,  a charity that awards medals to children and adults fighting debilitating illnesses.

I also donated my old Garmin to my sister who is doing chemo for her health issues. I feel pretty lucky to have my health, even though I've been working at it on a daily basis for years. I sometimes take it for granted and it's important to remember those just starting out on a fitness/wellness program or going through hard times. It makes me thankful for what I have, and letting these things go to a better place makes me very happy!
My sisters and I doing a Turkey Trot in 2014



Had a fun birthday - Valentine's - President's Day weekend! The weather has been really warm. After volunteering on the SFR Two-Rock Valley Ford ride, we rode to Sausalito for a quick breakfast at Taste of Rome to fuel up for a 40 mile bike ride to China Beach and around China Camp. We stopped at McNears Beach to enjoy the view. Everything was green and blossoming after the rain.

They had a nice farmers market in Larkspur close to the ferry landing. Grabbed some food and took the Larkspur ferry back to the San Francisco Ferry Building, where there was another farmer's market happening and food tents! Whenever people visit from out of town ask me where they should dine, I always recommend the Ferry Building. After that did the waterfront bike ride. Although it was very crowded, we rode past the gridlock traffic that was backed up from Embarcadero to Fisherman's Wharf. I really don't know why people choose to drive there just to sit in traffic.

The next day's plans included two open water swims. The sunrise was amazing and the water felt great! Even though there was a strong ebb, the water was so calm on the surface.

Jumped off Pier 39 again for Al's Birthday Swim with SERC and then after a quick warmup and celebration went to Sunday Swim with Water World Swim peeps at Aquatic Park, where they sang me happy birthday! I enjoyed a delicious Princess Cake that my friend got me. A great way to celebrate another year on the planet!

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