Spring is here! With the rain on hiatus, it was a great time to get outside and get in the water. I jumped off the boat with Water World Swim for the monthly Alcatraz crossing and swam with Anaya. Because of all the rains we had they started releasing more water from the dams, so I guess the ebb was a bit stronger with no slack. Except for the fastest swimmers, we were pushed way off course and had to be repositioned. We were aiming at the Jeremiah O'Brien, then the Transamerica Pyramid, then Fontana Towers. Though the pilots said to aim for the Fontana Towers, we could not see them hidden in the glare and shadows, so aimed for the top of Russian Hill. The fast swimmers were close enough to Aquatic Park that they were able to get back on their own because they were able to make progress against the current. There was a regatta going on and we were getting too close to them so it was time to finish up. We still had a great time out there. We're going to do it again next week! The water is around 57°F and I feel it's time to bust out the spring suit. This is the 10th time to jump off the boat for the Alcatraz swim. Not always completed, but attempted.

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