Oakland Running Festival 2016

Did the Oakland Running Festival Bank of the West 5k for the 5th time in a row, but this time I brought home a trophy!
It was definitely not a PR, and I had done a long bike ride the day before and only 6 hours of sleep. I probably should have trained more specifically but am really happy that I dragged myself out of bed and put in the effort! I have been very focused on strength training with Gaby at Fitness SF (Follow her on G Fit). My running mileage has been low but I did do a little speedwork. At one point this was my "A" race, but as race day approached I was already planning for the century ride. I feel like I peaked out on the DSE Rainbow Falls 5k and then kind of tapered off after that. I feel like my 5k pace would make a great 10k pace. I know I can get faster with more work, but just the fact that I was able to do this means the strength work and HIIT-type training is doing it for me. Now I will add some endurance on top of that and see where that takes me! This is the first time I ever won a trophy for running, but it's for the Masters division. This means I'm getting older but not planning on slowing down!

My ORF History:
2012: 21:47 5k
2013: (Did the Half-Marathon in 2:04)
2014: 21:17 5k
2015: 21:08 5k, We Run The Town 2:34:46
2016: 21:57 5k

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