Chico Wildflower Century

Great way to celebrate spring at the Chico Wildflower Century! Fun pre-ride party and expo on the day before at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico with camping options. Chico is a fun college town with lots of places to drink and dine, but after setting camp we sampled the many food trucks at the expo. We had burritos with iced coffee and cupcakes while enjoying the live music, then later on hot pastrami sandwiches! The ride offers 3 scenic climbs with long descents that will get your heart racing! The route is well-marked and well-supported with lots of food and catered delicious post-ride dinner. It was perfect weather for the ride with a little cloud cover. The county roads were mostly well paved and wide open, not too much traffic except on the highway and around the lake with trucks towing boats at high speed. We set out around 6:30am and got back around 4:30pm in time for dinner. Moving time was 8:08 with elapsed time 9:41. There were 4 rest stops and a couple of unofficial well-placed ones! It was fun exploring the area and geographical features of the Northern Sierra Foothills and with a bicycle it really gives you a sense of the topography!
Covered bridge off of Honey Run
The top of Table Mountain, max elevation 1,848 ft.

The last part of the ride is flat and windy. By then if you are a bit worn it can feel like the hardest part of the ride, which is why some people skipped it. I noticed some cyclists/triathletes had brought aero bars, which I thought might have been a good idea. I felt most comfortable in the drops at that point. If you have a ride partner you may want to draft if you can. Even though the 100 is just shy of 100, It is rewarding to do the whole damn thing! Plus, had to get my Strava Gran Fondo badge! Props to Chico Velo for putting on a wonderful event. I had been looking forward to it since last year.


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