DSE 50th Anniversary 5k

What a special day! I just had to be there for this one: The DSE 50th Anniversary 5k run! I've been running their races since 2011 and became a member. They have been running strong for 50 years. If you are serious about running or want to socialize with other runners, they have races every weekend and a training run on Saturday at Golden Gate Park. Meet at the Transverse Drive/JFK water fountain at 8:15am.

I finished the 5k run in 22 minutes and some change. My Garmin froze on me so I had to turn on my Strava while I was running. I had to run off after the awards to go swim with my swim group, but I had time to talk to a few people and sample some delicious coffee cake. I have met some inspiring people here. Always a great community vibe, fun for the whole family!!
22:27 1st AG

New Year's Flexsolutions

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