Last weekend I kayaked for the ESCAPE. Coach Pedro of Water World Swim organized the water support team. We did several Alcatraz swim/tri clinics and a test swim to help athletes prepare for their race and acclimate to the water and learn how to navigate the currents. The bay was nice and calm on the test swim but Sunday the wind decided to kick in! This raised the challenge level quite a bit, as people had to swim against the wind waves. We were there to guide them along and call for repositioning if they needed it. It took about an hour and a half, with some time at Crissy Field helping swimmers. It is easier to swim straight to Crissy Field beach and run back rather than try to swim against the current to St. Francis Beach. You can get stuck swimming in place and not make any progress. Also, if you do not aim for the shore from the very beginning, you can get sucked out to Golden Gate Bridge. Important details that a swimmer should know. A very exciting day on the bay! More photos here.

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