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Long Laps on a Dirt Track

I haven't exercised the blog writing muscle in a while. I need my blog to help me process thoughts, perspectives and ideas. Just like running, it allows me time to think, especially running for 2 plus hours.  Lately I keep returning to the same thought which is: "Why am I doing this?" So I can have time to think, of course! I've been running long laps on a dirt track (aka speedwork in slow motion) at the Polo Field to get ready for SF Marathon (5th time) and it's become my favorite workout. The soft track feels nice on the feet. By removing all distractions I'm able to zen out and focus only on my running. It has been a busy spring & summer with not a lot of time and energy for these long runs. I started to question the sanity of signing up for a summer marathon when my weekends have been busy with swim events, but this is just what I need to decompress from that and move on to the next phase of training. My strategy is to try and laser focus in the wee…