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The SF Marathon

San Francisco Marathon race recap: Another 26.2 in the books! I almost didn't do this. 4 days before the race I woke up with excruciating back pain. I couldn't even get out of bed! I figured it may have been from moving a heavy box the day before. It was a struggle to put on my socks and shoes and carry my bike up the stairs. I was ready to cancel my race. I did yoga twice a day and tried to stretch to help ease the pain. I noticed it was helping. Each day it got a little better. I went to the expo anyway, with the mindset that I wasn't going to do the race. That was a mistake because I got "marathon fever". I picked up my bib and brought it home and had a last minute brainstorm to go to PSOAS Bodywork & Massage and use the pre-race tune-up coupon to help fix my body. It worked! The therapist smoothed out all the tightness and pain spasms I was having and I had a lot more mobility than when I went in. I did a test run around the block and realized I could run…