Marin County Triathlon 2016

Had fun at the Marin County Triathlon Sprint this weekend! This was the first time I did the sprint. I usually do the Olympic distance. It went by so fast! Got 2nd AG and 21st Female.
Finish time: 1:11:05
Swim: 11:54
T1: 2:03
Bike: 30:47
T2: 2:01
Run: 24:20

What a beautiful morning! The sunrise over the calm water was so beautiful, reflecting the colors of the sky like a giant mirror. It was warm, so I wore the shortie suit that I made by cutting the legs off an old sleeveless wetsuit. I could have gone without it, but I needed the speed boost. I found a manageable pace and held on. I hadn't swum much this year, mostly SUPping, so my pace was slower than last year.

The bike was great! I love this rolling, scenic course. I did much better than last year and PR'd all my segments. For fuel, I had a gel flask with a half scoop of Generation UCAN chocolate protein. I had a few more carbs the day before after getting fat adapted again. I had gained weight after trying the Zone so I went back to HFLC and lost 8 lbs to get closer to race weight. This type of diet with Carb Cycling works best for me.

The run was strong. I think the strength training and the little bit of speed work I put in this year paid off in the bike and run. Combined with attention to eating right with lots of greens, I felt much lighter. Lately, my attitude toward health and fitness is all about lifestyle. I know I can't skip it. For racing, I'm mainly focused on shorter distances with power and speed goals.

I saved a little time in my transition possibly because the shortie suit was much easier to take off. I could have saved more time if I hadn't taken the time to put on a funny T-shirt, but I had to use the power of the "Training for the Zombie Apocalypse" mantra to race faster. Good to see my Water World Swim peeps out there, some of them doing their first tri! Such a fun event!


September Recap

This was a busy month with several swim events that I helped with: Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions, Island to Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. I also volunteered with the SF Randonneurs post-ride picnic. We made about 200 tacos for two different rides on one of the hottest days of the year! The weather has been fan-tas-tic! I've been doing a little training here and there to get ready for my tri. I added some HIIT in the mornings and incorporated some bike sprints into my commute. My goal is just to stay fit and have fun!

After all this, I decided it was time for a little weekend getaway to the lake to rest and rejuvenate. We went to Spanish Flat at Lake Berryessa. I thought there would be a ton of speed boats but it was actually quiet and peaceful with just a few fishing boats. There are places to rent boats for water sports if you desire. Lake Berryessa is a manmade lake formed by the Monticello Dam. The water level is around 399 ft, 53% capacity right now. It has a nice area for swimming and the water temp is like bathwater! You can feel the surface water is a little warmer than in the cooler depths. There is a triathlon that happens here called Napa HITS. I had the best time with friends and our dogs, swimming and paddling and eating lots of good food. The water was calm and perfect for paddling! My dog hopped on the paddleboard with me for a bit. I saw deer, lots of birds, hawks, and big fish jumping out of the water. At night, you can hear coyotes howling. I could spend a whole week here!

June in Pictures

June is all about: The Escape, Back on My Feet Runs, Trail runs, bike rides, the beach, Water World Swim and SUP, the wind and fog! I star...