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Marin County Triathlon 2016

Had fun at the Marin County Triathlon Sprint this weekend! This was the first time I did the sprint. I usually do the Olympic distance. It went by so fast! Got 2nd AG and 21st Female.
Finish time: 1:11:05
Swim: 11:54
T1: 2:03
Bike: 30:47
T2: 2:01
Run: 24:20

What a beautiful morning! The sunrise over the calm water was so beautiful, reflecting the colors of the sky like a giant mirror. It was warm, so I wore the shortie suit that I made by cutting the legs off an old sleeveless wetsuit. I could have gone without it, but I needed the speed boost. I found a manageable pace and held on. I hadn't swum much this year, mostly SUPping, so my pace was slower than last year.

The bike was great! I love this rolling, scenic course. I did much better than last year and PR'd all my segments. For fuel, I had a gel flask with a half scoop of Generation UCAN chocolate protein. I had a few more carbs the day before after getting fat adapted again. I had gained weight after trying the Zone so I went b…

September Recap

This was a busy month with several swim events that I helped with: Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions, Island to Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. I also volunteered with the SF Randonneurs post-ride picnic. We made about 200 tacos for two different rides on one of the hottest days of the year! The weather has been fan-tas-tic! I've been doing a little training here and there to get ready for my tri. I added some HIIT in the mornings and incorporated some bike sprints into my commute. My goal is just to stay fit and have fun!

After all this, I decided it was time for a little weekend getaway to the lake to rest and rejuvenate. We went to Spanish Flat at Lake Berryessa. I thought there would be a ton of speed boats but it was actually quiet and peaceful with just a few fishing boats. There are places to rent boats for water sports if you desire. Lake Berryessa is a manmade lake formed by the Monticello Dam. The water level is around 399 ft, 53% capacity right now. It has a nice are…