October Recap

October started off great with a camping trip to Lake Berryessa. I kayaked for WWS Alcatraz Touch and Go, scored a point in the run for SERC at the Dolphin vs. SERC Triathlon, and the grand finale: 2nd AG at the Marin County Tri. Followed that up with SUPping for Alcatraz Swim for Sight and WWS Monthly Alcatraz. I tried to take advantage of the little bit of light left in the evening to get some bike miles in and explore new routes. My mom, sisters and I finished the Run the Year Challenge together, running 2016 miles in 2016!

Water World Swim Monthly Alcatraz Sunrise
Catching the Sunset at the Port of Oakland
Did a few laps of the Port
Checking out the Bay Trail in the East Bay
Dolphin vs. SERC Tri
Dog Runs

At the end of it all, I found out I qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals! Now I need to stop messing around, rise to the occasion and get focused!

March in Pictures

Rainbows in the rain ShapingSF History Tour Bike commuting Signs of spring in the Presidio Time to swim and SUP! ...