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2016 Recap

Time is almost up for 2016. I was looking back through my year, and though I didn't really plan it that way, it turned out great! I just focused on a few quality local events that I enjoy, at least one marathon, a century and a triathlon, and sprinkle on a few other fun things. I started off the year with a trophy in the run department, did a fun century ride in the spring, took up SUPping in the summer, and qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals in the fall. The SUP took over my swim time, but I found a new way to enjoy the bay and the outdoors and support swims! My mom, sisters and I completed the 2016 miles in 2016 as a team and are going to do it on our own again next year. I used my phone as a fit tracker. Google fit seems pretty accurate when I compared it to my Garmin totals. According to Google Fit, I ended up with about 2,206 miles of cycling, mostly commuting.  Very low mileage on the run, only 729, mostly because of strength training at the gym. I did 12 weeks with a p…

December Recap

December was a busy month, basically prepping for the new year. This time of year there are less events and training slows down, so I use this time to nestle in and do some home improvements. My main thing is minimalism and time management, so I try to organize my life and living space around all these different activities: work, cook, eat, sleep, dog, run, swim, bike, SUP, camp, art, journal, host. I did Twelve Days of Decluttering with Bella Organizing where we cleaned and organized a different section of our mess each day. This was very helpful because I cleared out some more stuff and did some deep cleaning and inventory. I found that by focusing on this project for a series of days, I started to get clever ideas and dreamt about closet hacks. I feel like I have a lot more space in my closet and now won't be scrambling around for everything when I need something, because it is all in one area and I know exactly where things are. Here are some photos.

It was a nice mellow Holid…

Krampus Cross Country 10k

Checked off my holiday fun run with this weekend's Krampus Cross Country 10k!  The trails were a little muddy after the rains but that just added to the adventure. Ran into George Rehmet, Laurel and other members of SERC who were delving into on-shore activities. Squeaked in under an hour (59:40) and found a woodallion on the trail, which I traded in for a prize! I was a little out of shape but I love running in the Presidio so this was great motivation to stay active during the cool and wet month of December.

November Recap

November was a time of transition. I'll admit, it was a bit stressful! I have always felt the environment and social justice never gets the respect it deserves, and this election cycle was no different. This is why we can't ignore politics, because it directly affects us. People and the environment are literally under attack. Time to ramp up our efforts to preserve and protect the planet! Clean water doesn't happen by accident. It comes from the efforts of people that have fought to protect it. Luckily we have tools to build community around these issues, just as we do with our running and triathlon communities. Let's use them!

Some things I did this month:
Started thinking about next year's training and eventsSwitched to a credit union (divest from fossil fuels and banks that support them)Donate to Oceti Sakowin camp Enrolled in Clean Power SF - Super Green programCutting out red meat and dairyDid more sketching, motivated by art activism
Here is a recap of the mo…