2016 Recap

Time is almost up for 2016. I was looking back through my year, and though I didn't really plan it that way, it turned out great! I just focused on a few quality local events that I enjoy, at least one marathon, a century and a triathlon, and sprinkle on a few other fun things. I started off the year with a trophy in the run department, did a fun century ride in the spring, took up SUPping in the summer, and qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals in the fall. The SUP took over my swim time, but I found a new way to enjoy the bay and the outdoors and support swims! My mom, sisters and I completed the 2016 miles in 2016 as a team and are going to do it on our own again next year. I used my phone as a fit tracker. Google fit seems pretty accurate when I compared it to my Garmin totals. According to Google Fit, I ended up with about 2,206 miles of cycling, mostly commuting.  Very low mileage on the run, only 729, mostly because of strength training at the gym. I did 12 weeks with a personal trainer, Gabrielle, who is with World Gym on DeHaro now. Working with a trainer or a coach is a great investment in your fitness.

DSE Rainbow Falls 5k, 5th pl f
Oakland Running Festival, 1st pl masters f
Chico Wildflower Century
DSE 50th Anniversary 5k, 1st AG
SF Marathon
Dolphin Tri vs. SERC, 1 point for SERC!
Marin County Tri, 2nd AG, Qualified for USAT Nationals!
Krampus Cross Country 10k
Did 2016 miles in 2016 with my mom and sisters!
2016 Miles

When I look back on 2016, I remember all the fun times I had in the bay with my swim family, quality time outside on trails with pup and riding up and down hills with friends.

Wishing all a peaceful and Happy New Year!

My Strava Year

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