November Recap

Swimming in the Bay
November was a time of transition. I'll admit, it was a bit stressful! I have always felt the environment and social justice never gets the respect it deserves, and this election cycle was no different. This is why we can't ignore politics, because it directly affects us. People and the environment are literally under attack. Time to ramp up our efforts to preserve and protect the planet! Clean water doesn't happen by accident. It comes from the efforts of people that have fought to protect it. Luckily we have tools to build community around these issues, just as we do with our running and triathlon communities. Let's use them!

Some things I did this month:
  • Started thinking about next year's training and events
  • Switched to a credit union (divest from fossil fuels and banks that support them)
  • Donate to Oceti Sakowin camp
  • Enrolled in Clean Power SF - Super Green program
  • Cutting out red meat and dairy
  • Did more sketching, motivated by art activism

Here is a recap of the month in photos:

Swimming in the Bay

Stand Up Paddling at Alcatraz

Dog runs
Indoor Training with Trainer Road

Making art postcards in support of the Standing Rock Sioux, who are on the frontline for our fight for climate / social justice and water protection

Think globally, act locally!

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