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The Love in the Air is Thicker Than The Smoke

The month was tinged with smoke and sadness, as disaster hit close to home in the North Bay Fires, but was great to see the community pull together to help out. I knew people affected by the fires and also Hurricane Maria. It is going to take a long time to rebuild but we can do it. Community building and resiliency is an ongoing project. That is why I became involved in Back on My Feet, using the power of running to aid in this project on the local level. Running is the great equalizer as one of our volunteers put it. She wrote an article about this subject for the Chronicle. It seems like we are getting triggered on a daily basis to succumb to disaster and get distracted from the task at hand,  but to be able to have the strength to stay positive, focus on the next thing we can do to problem solve and overcome our challenges collectively is the task of the day.

September in pictures

September was an end of summer blowout! We had heat, smoke, wind, and lots of events. I traded some running miles for swim miles to try to balance out my body and work on weaknesses. I'm getting used to the longer swim workouts so now I can add the running back in.

Natural Disaster relief efforts are underway for hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and the earthquakes in Mexico. They need our support right now.

USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships

I'm back from Nationals in Omaha and it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience! I finished in 3:06 and did the best that I could that day. It's a great opportunity to meet other triathletes from all across the country and find out about other races, other places to swim and different challenges in their state for training. Some people have to deal with altitude, some deal with cold wet winters, some no open water to train in, some hot summers. Some athletes deal with physical health and life challenges. By and by everyone dealt with those challenges and it brought them here. I had to deal with a little sciatica injury, but recovered just in time and raised a few bucks for Back on My Feet, which is a plus! Thanks to everyone who supports our cause!
Overall, I feel motivated and energized to continue to do triathlons. I was feeling meh about training for a long course such as Ironman but the Nationals can keep you psyched to do the short course racing if you are looki…

Race Week is here!

Race week is here! I kept it easy with a swim,  a bike, a run, a walk with BoMF. I had a great night of sleep feel rested. My bike is on its way to Omaha, thanks to Kyle from Trek Bikes in Marin. I'm taking a super early flight tomorrow and I'm pretty much packed. Started carbing up and hydrating. On my run I remembered all the training and working through injury and lack of motivation that I dealt with. The group training and doing it for a cause did it for me. I'm reminded that it is a privilege to be able to do this, but it takes consistency and putting in the time and effort towards fitness. I'm a recreational triathlete so have to remember to push myself a little more when the time comes (but not get injured). I'm so thankful for the love and support!

It's not too late to donate to Back on My Feet SF!

Week 2 - In the bag

Countdown to USATAGNC! Last week's training: 2 Swims, 2 Bikes and 2 Runs = 8 hours (plus 50 miles bike commute). I had another big 2 hour SUP this weekend from Golden Gate Bridge to the San Francisco Bay Bridge supporting a Water World Swim event. Great to see people acheiving their long swim goals! My knee is a little sore from walking a lot with my SUP so I am taking it easy for the rest of the weekend taking a physical and mental break and just getting everything packed and ready for my race. Last minute check to see if I can slip on my new bike shoes easily without socks. I am down to my goal weight, which is a little lighter than my last tri. It's all in the bag. The only thing left to do is arrive "fit and fresh".

My running mentor George Rehmet of RRCA joined us for our BoMF monthly evening run and social where we celebrated member mileage milestones! I am completely self-funded for my race. Help me raise funds for Back on My Feet! I will blog more often durin…

Week 3 - Moving Closer

Last week was a fall back week, with 2 swims, 2 focused bike training rides with 1 mile brick runs afterward, 2 runs and a big 6 mile / 3 hours paddling in the bay! I also did a little ride on my tri bike to test out the aero bars at Crissy Field on the way to Sports Basement. I finally got some new cycling shoes! Getting a few more little things I need ready for race day. I try to throw in a few minutes of training on my bike commute everyday.

6 miles of SUP on the bay supporting Water World swimmers was a full body workout! My arms were still sore from masters swimming. I tried several different positions on the board, including my seated setup. It was a little choppy at times when the wind was gusting. Nothing gets you to be in the moment like balancing atop your board in the water! We had a large group of swimmers and took care of the back section. Some swimmers couldn't catch their breath or keep up and they had to be repositioned. Once they got picked up, I had to go and cat…

Week 4 - Swim Swim Swim!

Countdown to USAT AGNC! : 19 days! Last week I joined the local masters group SF Tsunamis and did 2 workouts and almost 3 hours of swimming. This is a big improvement. I was able to do flip turns without any sciatica pain, AND hang through the entire session, so that is a good feeling. Better late than never! Plus they are a friendly group. Weekly total: 3 swims, 4 runs, and a long bike. One of the swims was a short open water swim, and one of the runs was bricked after the long bike. I plan on doing some swim-bike bricks this week after getting acclimated to the workouts, and a shorter bike-run brick today. If I put it on my schedule I'm more likely to do it. I commute by bike at least 50 miles per week, with towing heavy cargo up hills (my SUP) on Sunday, so that is all factored in. We've been busy this month at Water World Swim with back to back weekends of events. Getting enough rest and recovery is one of my goals. On Sunday I had an easy day of stand up paddling and stre…

Week 5 - Ramping up to peak

Last week was week 5 and I realized I was a week behind on my countdown (LOL!). I finally got into the groove of the workout schedule and energy management. I was able to ramp it up this week and finally do a longer bike ride on Saturday afternoon with Kathleen of Forging Ahead. We did the gorgeous Paradise Loop (easy version) and since I normally do the hilly version, I almost forgot how nice and cool it is to just bike around the water. Also, we saw whales from the Golden Gate Bridge on the way back. Perfect! In total, I managed 2 swims, 3 bikes and 2 runs. I've added another rock to my zen garden fitness tracker (7 total) and will add another this week. I'm hoping to add some bricks in there and get some more gear that I need. I am going to go to the SFM expo and check out the deals.

In the weight/energy management department, I've been doing HFLC and carb cycling, which is working out great. I'm 7 pounds down since May. I've added sweet potato on mid week and …