Fundracing for Back on My Feet

This year, I'm fundracing for Back on My Feet, a nonprofit serving the homeless community. I've had the privilege of running with Team Tenderloin and meeting lots of great people that could really use some help. They are already connected with local programs and are taking that leap of faith and putting their best foot forward. Our running community is getting larger, and there are chapters in a dozen cities now! Please visit my page, donate, run with us, for us or become a partner. Anything helps!

Our next monthly fun run will be the Great Cupid Run. Though it is sold out, BoMF runners can get select discount bibs!

February 11 - Great Cupid Run
March 11 - The Super Run
April 15 - Fleet Feet Fun Run

Weekly Runs: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 27th & Geary @5:30am (Grocery Outlet) and 500 Turk Street @5:45am (Goodyear parking lot)

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