As I get older, the passing of time becomes more pertinent. I'm still processing the transition into the New Year and some goals. I'm giving myself the whole month to be thoughtful about it. I think it's helpful for me to do the seasonal goals as well as the whole year, because it can be overwhelming. I have been breaking it down into weekly and daily, just to get going. Last year I did not really do any specific goals. This year will be a makeup year for some things I wanted to do last year but didn't. I've started keeping a private journal on the side that I try to maintain daily. It's been helpful for me to stay grounded, meditate and be more conscious of my actions. This blog is in it's 9th year, and I've grown a lot just by keeping it going.

Some of the goals that I have put down so far are:

  • More stretching, rolling, back yoga
  • More run mileage, different routes
  • Volunteering - I found a running group that helps the homeless called Back On My Feet
  • Swim - more consistent and longer swims
  • Bike - more long rides and brevets

I know it's vague but it's a start. I start my day with fitness because it helps me in everything else I do.
I also have some personal and creative goals outlined, such as seeing more sunrises and sunsets. Being outdoors and group training provides the inspiration that I need. Solution = Getting up early to run!

Am I getting the most out of my day? Sometimes that means just sitting and watching the sunrise and being present. 2017 will be a year of increased focus and vitality.

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