January in Pictures

Swimming at the Pool

Visited Alcatraz and actually went INSIDE!


Running with Back on My Feet 2x a week

In January rained a lot but we needed it. I found a workout schedule that I could stick with.
Run 3-4x per week with longer runs of 10k or more. I combine the strength days with the swim days 2x week, and commute by bike 50 miles per week. This will be my base for a while. When the weather gets a little warmer will do more long bike rides and open water swimming. Right now the water is cold, and is great for hydrotherapy, but after a while I get cramped up. I look forward to SUPing some new routes. I'm finding great inspiration running with BoMF Team Tenderloin. It gets me up early and from there I add a few more miles into the sunrise. Happy Lunar New Year!

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June in Pictures

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