February in Pictures

February was birthday month, and I am taking stock and feeling gratitude. The half-marathon required some recovery time, so I've been nursing my IT Band and hip. I'm able to do short runs. After daily yoga stretches, it's finally feeling better. New birthday shoes were a good idea! It was also fermented foods month - I made sauerkraut, kefir, kefir chevre, and a sourdough starter. Now I am learning to make bread.

Here are some highlights:

Fun SUP with the South End Rowing Club Pier 39 Swim
Beautiful Sunsets at the Beach
Sunday Swims at Crissy Field and Aquatic Park with Water World Swim

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The Great Cupid Run

This weekend was The Great Cupid Run 5k with Back on My Feet San Francisco. All the BoMF SF groups joined together for the monthly fun run. The weather was perfect, and it was nice to have some sunshine for a change after all this rain. Flat and fast course at Crissy Field on the Bay Trail. I took it easy and ran with BoMF. Finished in 29:16. My friend George won! He happens to be the Western Region Director for the Road Runners Club of America and one of my running role models. I love the local races that raise money for local charities. This was for Heart In Motion a youth volunteer and community service group that we see supporting us on so many of our local races. They deserve a big boost. We got tutus (ladies) and heart boxer shorts (gentlemen), a huge medal, lots of edible treats and beverages after the run and a cute towel by Lucy Activewear. Great way to celebrate the Love!

Back on My Feet San Francisco #greatcupidrun

Posing with George Rehmet, winner!


KP SF Half-Marathon

4" Coaster Medal
This weekend, we had the KP SF Half-Marathon presented by Pamakid Runners. I had a good time at this race because I took a laid back approach and ran with friends. My goal was to go easy since I wasn't really prepared for a long run. My longest run this year was 8 1/2 miles. I ran to the starting line but later regretted it because the last 3 miles I had to take a lot of walk breaks. I managed to finish in 2:16:03. I've always liked this race because of the local feeling and they made improvements this year. I was sad to see the old race director go but they kept the race going with a new director. They separated the 5k race from the half-marathon race (yay!). There were plenty of aid stations and they also provided electrolytes. The t-shirt this year is super soft and comfortable. Early registrants got a special gift, some cool lock laces in the color of your choice. It was extremely touching that they acknowledged the participants from foreign countries and made them feel welcome. I like this race because it raises money for local charities; Koret Family House, Meals on Wheels, The Harbor Light Center for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, and Support for Families of Children with Disabilities.
We really lucked out with the weather. You can't beat running in Golden Gate Park! May The Course Be With You!

Literally RAN into some friends!

May The Course Be With You!


Veggie Beetloaf

Time for a recipe, hey why not? We all gotta eat. Here's a simple recipe using that leftover beet pulp from juicing and leftover soybean pulp (okara) from making homemade organic soy milk. It's so easy to make, light and frugal.. This one is gluten free.

Beetloaf, asparagus, and quinoa
2 cups beet pulp
2 cups of okara
2 cups of almond flour
1 cup of flaxseeds
1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
Just enough water to make a dough
Your favorite herbs and seasonings
A splash of olive oil or coconut oil

Mix it all together with hands. I added some Braggs Aminos as part of the liquid. Make a thick dough and press into a loaf pan. Bake on 300 for 45 minutes. It should be firm enough to cut into slices. You can also shape them into patties and saute later. I like to add organic ketchup on top of the slice before serving.

June in Pictures

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