March in Pictures

Spring is here! Things are starting to heat up! I had weekly group swims, an Alcatraz crossing, weekly runs with BoMF, eating more vegetarian, baking bread and pizzas, playing with pup at the dog park and cracking open the sketchbook. My family team is over 700 miles for our 2017 miles in 2017 goal! This year I'm finding it hard to make 20 miles a week and do rides, but it's something that I continually strive for. I think I'm past the aches and pains and can hopefully do more miles and up the strength. I'm enjoying the light after work to squeeze some activities in.

Sunday Swim with Pedro
Spring weather at the beach! Water World Swim group swims

Group runs in the SOMA with Back on My Feet
Back on My Feet Milestone celebration at Zendesk
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Learning how to bake artisan bread

Strength training

Eating more vegetarian style
Homemade broccoli pesto pizza

Finally time for a recreational ride up to Twin Peaks!

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