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Piriformis Syndrome

After the Kaiser half, I had been feeling some pain in my hip, lower back, and down my left leg. This was really frustrating, (a real pain in the butt!) and took some time to figure out. My self-diagnosis was piriformis syndrome. The pain would come and go but I could still run. In fact, it's better when I stay moderately active rather than laying around. What seems to be working is decreased easy mileage, stretching, warming up, and strength training. Here are some of the stretches and things I do every day, twice a day.
Cat and Cow PoseChild's PoseDownward Facing DogPigeon PoseLeg and calf stretches from the floor, with or without bandHip crossover stretch Basically, any yoga stretches for your back. Fish oil really helps, in the morning and evening. Every now and then, I have to take an Advil. After a few weeks of stretching, I can incorporate some strength training:
Clamshells (with resistance band)Glute Bridges (with resistance band)Side leg lift (with resistance band)Lunge…

Oakland Half-Marathon 2017

This is my 6th year participating in The Oakland Running Festival and the event seems to be getting bigger and better every year! The new venue at East Shore Park was definitely an upgrade.

I took public transportation to Oakland and rode my bike to East Shore Park. Luckily I found parking parked in front of the Pergola. There I met up with other BoMF runners Danielle and Brittney. They were on the fast track to finish under 2 hours but my goal was to be conservative and save it for the end. My last half marathon wasn't so great and I was walking a lot at the end so I wanted to run smarter this time. Still getting over a little hip pain. We did a build this week at BoMF morning runs, gradually increasing the distance of each run. So I peaked out this week with 31 miles, which is my max this year so far!

I stuck with traditional fueling, having a high carb meal before the race and packed gu and electrolytes. It was such a beautiful warm spring day, which means scorching hot …