May in Pictures

May was a busy month. It's the month where I actually try to log my bike commute miles for bike month for local and national challenges and enjoy bike to work day! This year I volunteered with a bike to work day energizer station, which was really fun. My workplace is very supportive of cycling, and most of us ride on two wheels. It feels great to work for a company that is a certified bike friendly business and also a supporting business member of the local bike advocacy groups.

This month I also volunteered with Back on My Feet, enjoyed two backyard barbecues, helped with the WWS Alcatraz swim event and tri-training, and had a wonderful family visit. I did some physical therapy, changed my diet and now finally feel ready to start the tri- training. I changed my diet back to HFLC to help keep the inflammation down, and feel an improvement in just one week. We had some nice hot days, but the fog came back and THE WIND! It already feels like San Francisco summer is in full swing.

May is YAY (for Bike Month)!

Awesome volunteers with the SFBC! We had a fun bike to work day energizer station set up at Alamo Square Park, with refreshments, bubbles, flower power, a mobile bike mechanic and music by local DJ Neel, who lives in the neighborhood. We signed up new SFBC members and gave away free canvas tote bags!

Velofix Mobile Bike Mechanic

 This month we did some cross-training at BoMF with the November Project. We had a lot of fun at the playground.

Riding around Alameda with Sis

Sunset at Crissy Field

This month I am embarking on a new project: digital downsizing. It's almost as difficult as decluttering in the real world! Stop scrolling and enjoy the people around you and the sunset.


April in Pictures

April was a busy month! We had two races with Back on My Feet: The Oakland Running Festival and Presidio 10. Our members celebrated several milestones, such as first 100 miles for a San Francisco Member and first 50 miles. We had another 25-mile milestone in Team SoMA with several others about to get it.   Spring is in full swing for all kinds of outdoor fun! We had some April showers, then ended it with some really warm weather. Let's go out and get it!

Sunset at Crissy Field
Sunday Swims with Pedro

Running with Back on My Feet

Playing with this guy

Water World Swim Triathlon Clinics

Time for a siesta in my new hamaca!
I got rid of my futon couch and instead use a hamaca! It is so comfortable and much better for my back.  My room is spacious and airy and I can take it outside. Warning: it's really hard to get out of the hamaca because it is so cozy.

I'm running for: Back on My Feet, because: For every $1 donated nearly $2.50 returns to the community through increased economic activity and cost savings! Donate or RUN WITH US!

June in Pictures

June is all about: The Escape, Back on My Feet Runs, Trail runs, bike rides, the beach, Water World Swim and SUP, the wind and fog! I star...