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Week 8 - Disco Naps

Run: 13
Bike: 60 commute + 12 miles on my new bike!
Swim: 0 (had to go to last PT on swim day and arms too sore from paddling this weekend!)

I finally broke down and invested in a good deal on a tri bike. Luckily I know someone very knowledgeable about building bikes and customizing it for the rider. It's an older Cervélo but is perfect for me. It is really fun to ride and the kind of bike you dream about riding as if it were a new toy. The wind picks up in the afternoon here and normally I don't enjoy biking out in the wind but on this bike, it's not an issue. I managed to get some PRs that I hope to break. I had been teetering on the fence about investing in triathlon gear but now that I have this bike, it's motivating me to do more races. I guess you could call it a gamechanger.

Normally, stand up paddleboarding doesn't take it out of me but this weekend it was so windy that it was a battle to get anywhere. I'm experimenting with different positions to keep …

9 Week Countdown

Countdown to #USATAGNC! Here's how week 9 training went. I went from zero to 15.5 miles on my running. I got 4 runs in, an interval bike session, 2 swims and a little strength. Pain is gone! I lost 5 lbs from going HFLC / sugar-free and feeling a lot stronger. I was getting worried for a second, but it went away just in time for tri-training. I have an 8 week program and my aerobic base got a little messed up by the injury, but I'm getting  up there quick. It was difficult to add in the second bike session but that's because I just started running again and I am getting 50 miles on my commute, plus some miles towing my sup on my bike uphill. Our Back on My Feet running group is growing with a lot of new members and volunteers, and they are getting ready for the SF Marathon!
For my swim, I devised some simple open water swim workouts (below) so I will be training 100% open water. They changed the schedule at my pool and I was a little frustrated at first but this works out …