Week 4 - Swim Swim Swim!

Countdown to USAT AGNC! : 19 days! Last week I joined the local masters group SF Tsunamis and did 2 workouts and almost 3 hours of swimming. This is a big improvement. I was able to do flip turns without any sciatica pain, AND hang through the entire session, so that is a good feeling. Better late than never! Plus they are a friendly group. Weekly total: 3 swims, 4 runs, and a long bike. One of the swims was a short open water swim, and one of the runs was bricked after the long bike. I plan on doing some swim-bike bricks this week after getting acclimated to the workouts, and a shorter bike-run brick today. If I put it on my schedule I'm more likely to do it. I commute by bike at least 50 miles per week, with towing heavy cargo up hills (my SUP) on Sunday, so that is all factored in. We've been busy this month at Water World Swim with back to back weekends of events. Getting enough rest and recovery is one of my goals. On Sunday I had an easy day of stand up paddling and stretching. The water felt great for my legs.

7 workouts, getting ready to add an extra rock

Rollin' deep with my Water World Peeps

Masters swim here we go

Long bike, a bit hillier than the race course!
Brick run with my running partner
Nice view from the trails

Half of my runs were with my furbaby on trails, and I did some miles with Back on My Feet Team SoMA.  I'm so proud of our members and volunteers that completed the San Francisco Half Marathon this weekend! This was a first time for many. I am trying to raise money for them so please chip in if you can. Running for a cause has been very rewarding and motivating and they are a fun group to volunteer with.
Running with Back on My Feet
Diet is on point. Eating HFLC lots of veggies and a carb day on the weekend. Adding a little more sweet potato, sprouts and suflower seed butter helped push down the plateau a little more. I managed to lose almost another pound and energy levels are great! Experimenting with putting carb-up day on the long bike day. I have a lot of fun healthy recipes to share when I get more time. I've been on a nuts and seeds trip. Look for me on instagram runrenerun.

I did some homework and took a look at the course I will be doing in a few weeks. The water will be mid 80s (no wetsuit) and the bike course will have some elevation which has me a little bit concerned and doing more research. It will be very hot!  I will try to make my workouts a little more specific and focused to these parameters. Thus, the warm pool swimming!

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