Week 5 - Ramping up to peak

Last week was week 5 and I realized I was a week behind on my countdown (LOL!). I finally got into the groove of the workout schedule and energy management. I was able to ramp it up this week and finally do a longer bike ride on Saturday afternoon with Kathleen of Forging Ahead. We did the gorgeous Paradise Loop (easy version) and since I normally do the hilly version, I almost forgot how nice and cool it is to just bike around the water. Also, we saw whales from the Golden Gate Bridge on the way back. Perfect! In total, I managed 2 swims, 3 bikes and 2 runs. I've added another rock to my zen garden fitness tracker (7 total) and will add another this week. I'm hoping to add some bricks in there and get some more gear that I need. I am going to go to the SFM expo and check out the deals.

Paradise Loop Ride

Paradise Loop Ride

Paradise Loop Ride

Presidio Ride - Short hilly loops
Cycletrack Ride - speed intervals
In the weight/energy management department, I've been doing HFLC and carb cycling, which is working out great. I'm 7 pounds down since May. I've added sweet potato on mid week and on Friday, and then have high carb on Saturday. This time my carb source was purely homemade sourdough: I had sourdough pancakes with yogurt and farmer's market stone fruit, homemade sourdough bread for lunch which takes 3 days to make, and homemade heirloom tomato and basil pizza with homemade sourdough crust. The sourdough is supposed to be less impact on your blood glucose levels. I also had Halo Top ice cream, which wasn't as much of a sugar bomb than the other kinds. I think it's time to up the carbs a little bit more throughout the week to stay energized.

After talking with a few of my friends and my energy levels getting back up, I am thinking of joining a swim masters program and doing a few workouts. I know I can't get 100% involved in it but a few workouts will help me alot. I'm worried that I won't get enough sleep or recovery time because of the time that it starts, I will check it out and see what I can manage.

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